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What We Do



From the first shovel full of dirt to the first splash we handle everything in between.

The complete job can be quoted so there is no nasty suprises and falls within your budget.

From standard concrete pools and spas to wet edge, vanishing edge or freeform designs. Nothing is too complicated or unachievable.


Pool renovation doesn’t simply mean fixing a few tiles. We can do a lot more than that!

From shortening pools to lengthening pools, even adding spas or water features. WE can provide your desired outcome.



The proper plumbing of a pool crucial because without it, it’s just a pond!

Recirculation to spa jets or infloor systems to water features, it all has to be correct and most importantly – safe for your family.



We can supply and install for you, the most up to date, energy efficient and practical equipment for your project.

Reliability and effortless operation means you spend more time enjoying your pool.



Glass Installations

Would you like a frameless fence or a submerged window?

Not a problem! These are an integral part of the design and an important feature for practicality and most of all safety.

Submerged glass windows will also give the effect of a vanishing edge pool.

Project Management

Need a Project Manager to insure that your pool is built to the highest of standards and within the nominated time schedule?

No problem. We can help you from the start of your project to the day that you dive into your pool.

With the most up to date knowledge of the industry and the correct knowledge and skills we can make the process of building your pool a joy and not a stress.


During your consultation with us we will talk you through design and building options.

Provide an honest opinion on costings to you and answer any questions which you may have about your proposed project.


Yes, we do service pools. But why?

We love maintaining our previous projects as well as existing pools and our clients love the ease of having their pool maintained for them.

They like the fact that they have a qualified pool builder regularly servicing, maintaining and keeping a knowledgeable eye on their prized possession.

If you would like to speak to us and obtain a quote for your new pool, renovation or equipment please contact us with a brief message informing us of your project desire and we will call you to discuss your project.