All Pool builders are the same right?? WRONG!!

The hardest part is making sure all the inclusions are comparable, but how do you know?

We hear it too often: “After we were charged all the variations, they were more expensive than your quotation”.


Here’s some examples to watch out for in your quotations, and be very concerned if they’re not mentioned or disclosed!!

  1. Machinery run out, tipping or cartage fees for spoil.
  2. Using the bare minimum concrete strength (25 mpa) and pipe thickness (Class 9)
  3. Supplying cheap brand and basic equipment.
  4. Not allowing for underground form-work and extra reinforcement in sandy areas.
  5. Using surface mounted lighting and very few of them.
  6. Not including waterproofing of screeds and renders.
  7. Not disclosing the cost of rock excavation if encountered.
  8. Not disclosing the cost additional form-work if required.
  9. Not disclosing the cost of structural piers per lineal metre if required.

The devil is in the details or lack there of!!


When carefully comparing your quotations, be weary of whats missing!

We like to be upfront with our clients and factor all of these possibilities and choices into our honest and in-depth quotations.

Send us your project objective and contact details at the Contact Us information and we will call you to discuss your pool.

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